What Does Meaningful Look Like To You?
creating a meaningful life

What does ‘meaningful’ mean to you? What does it look like for you?

Everyone has their own definition of living a ‘meaningful’ life. Some people turn away from it altogether. As if the simple act of living is the meaning itself.

I believe it is so much more. I live TO create meaning. In what I do. The experiences I choose. And the people I surround myself with.

I create meaning by actively choosing to turn away from things that I feel dispassionate about. From people who make me feel sick, mentally and emotionally.

I chose to turn the other way when my gut instinct kicks in and tells me something is wrong.

I lead with my heart first. Because sometimes, anxiety and worry are such fleeting feelings that have no place in reality. Because they’re comforting at first, and bothersome at last.

What if you attribute meaning to the simple act of challenging yourself.

What if leading a meaningful life means that once in a while you move yourself a little out of the comfort zone, when it’s so evident that you’ve outgrown that zone. Because you started on the periphery of your life, but are now ready to go balls out into the ocean and experience it.


The first meaningful step to learning something new is admitting what you don’t know.

Here’s what I do know.

Meaningful takes on a different shape for everyone. It inspires a new reality for each person. What I find meaningful, you may find wasteful.

But what I do know, and understand implicitly, is that I strive to live my life in a meaningful way.

What does that look like?

Rich experiences. Enriching experiences. Places.

People that fill your mind with wonder, curiosity, intrigue. People that make you wonder how you lived without their ideas before.


How do you define ‘meaningful?’ What is a meaningful life to you? What role do you play in creating meaning everyday?

I’m curious.

Tell me.

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