What makes it worth it for you?

Today is one of those days where I feel really grateful for what I do.

Today is one of those days where I really love, love, love what I do. There is a snowball effect to every action and decision we make. And on certain days, those decisions accumulate to something profound.

Some days, nothing happens. Everything is moving slow, trickling down. There are no important emails to tend to. Nothing exciting is happening. You feel lost. The self doubt starts to set in. The creeping question: what am I doing with my life?

The Existential Dread.

Listen. Most days I feel like a fucking failure. The comparison game is killer. You do your best, but there is always someone out there who is doing it better. They have the job you want, the engagement numbers you dream of,  the right brand message, the perfect shade of lipstick, the right life (non-existent. There’s always more to the story).

But then there are the days when certain actions, phone calls, things, happen that accumulate to help you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. And why it’s important to continue to doing that thing you set out to do.

Recently, I left my corporate job because…no. There were so many reasons. Mostly that my employer was inherently dishonest, fake. Those are not my values. You must work within your values.

I left because I have a dream that I’m tired of only thinking about.  I wanted to chase it because it felt right. I was tired of not chasing it because of fear. Fear can paralyze you, but it can also stop you from living in a moment that was meant for you.

And I decided to do something about it. So, I went on my path to work with a news company I deeply admire and respect (you should be following too). And write and write some more and consult, and work with amazing people, amazing dreams and amazing content. I got to write about auras. Cool, right?

FYI: I still live in fear most days. Having an idea is great. Actually going through with that idea is…T-E-R-R-I-F-I-Y-I-N-G. But, it’s led me to so much gratitude. For the people around me who…believe in me, even when I find it impossible to believe in myself. For the countless friends that I’ve curated and held on tight to throughout the years who say to me, “I just want you to be successful.” Do you know how valuable that is?

Anyway, I’d like to leave you with this song. Enjoy it my people!

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