Lead with a good story and become a great storyteller.

Lori Harito - Loho Media

Lori Harito

Hi!  I'm Lori  and I like to build things:  A social community. A strategy. A brand. I'm really curious about how people like to define themselves and the brands they're building. I'm still redefining how I view the world. But mostly it's through Rose-Quartz coloured lenses. 

I create, make, write, edit.  I'm brimming with ambitious ideas and have a voracious appetite for news and trends. My voice and perspective cuts through all the internet noise to deliver sharp criticism as well as sometimes funny, always inspiring in-depth takes on emerging ideas, stories, and conversations impacting culture today.

I’m obsessed with health, wellness, fitness. Over time, I've refined what wellness means to me. Through my own health journey, I've come to understand what works, what doesn't and why health matters. I stand by it, and then I get to write about it.

Why You're Here: Hopefully, for two reasons. You're curious about what I do and whether we can work together (We can! Check out my portfolio!) And something in The WellSpace piqued your interest. Maybe you're curious about health and wellness. Maybe you're tackling taking back control over your own health,  or maybe you just want to know more about jade rolling.  It's all here in The WellSpace as I explore my own wellness journey. Please come along. Share your story.  

I'm also here to explore how to play an important role in  telling a story and telling it well. In part, that fuels my obsessive focus on audience and understanding data, analytics and people's motivation behind what they do.

Simple curiosities lead to the most profound acts.

 I play in the digital playground developing campaigns, social media strategies, writing and telling stories. If you’re into doing that, let’s get in touch!