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A Health Writer Without The Health


The problem with attaching a label to what you do, or what you're 'all about' or what makes up your hobbies is that they become so closely attached to you, you can't separate them from who you are as an individual.

The problem is that when that fails you, you feel that to keep the attachment to your public persona, you have to fake it. 

Case in point: I was a health writer who was struggling with her health behind-the-scenes. What you didn't see while I was writing about the first 'SoulCycle-equse' spin studio in the city is my anxiety over the amount of weight I was gaining and the fatigue I was fighting. The battle I was losing to fear because I knew something was wrong with my body and I had lost control over. 

I was a health writer  who didn’t even have my own health.

I was covering health topics in the city, writing about health trends and new gyms in the city. Behind-the-scenes, I was undergoing some massive health issues, battling depression, anxiety and sadness as my thyroid and therefore, immune system, broke down. I developed an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto's, a lifelong issue, and rapidly gained weight.

I was a skinny, typically healthy girl who was thriving. But over four years, I became a different person. Unrecognizable. Struggling with the breakdown of my body, unable to understand all of the information from doctors, naturopaths, practitioners, healers and reiki masters. I practiced wellness in person, on social and via my writing, but in reality, I was completely breaking down. Shelling out over 20K to those aforementioned practitioners to help me lose weight, fix my thyroid and get back to my once "normal", "skinny" self. What a journey, how many tears and how many fears I had to confront. 

A health writer who was struggling to understand the limitations of my body and rediscovering what wellness really meant.

I've talked about my health journey at length. And it was a journey. In the darkness and breakdown, I discovered a new way of living and being. A better one. I rediscovered what my purpose was, how comforted I felt when I listened to myself, when I took back control, when I became educated on wellness. 

Eventually, I got to the point where I was more than just a 'health writer.' I dedicated my life to being healthy, well and understanding what wellness meant. 

I'm dedicated to 

But it wasn't easy.

Stay tuned for more progress reports and eventually, a full rundown of what happened in the four years when life changed.